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By registering, you are implying that you have read and agree to the PTS Terms and Conditions.

Participant Terms and Conditions

Product Testing Services (PTS) online panel participants are required to read and agree to the following before being accepted as panel members.  By registering for the PTS panel, you are implying that you have done so.

  • I agree to participate in PTS studies.  I understand that I will be asked to evaluate products, ideas, concepts, services, etc., and as such, I will be privy to confidential PTS client information (“client” being PTS, its clients, agents, representatives and associates).
  • I understand that PTS can remove me from the panel database at any time if PTS feels I have abused my privileges as a panel member or provided false information (on this form or any survey).  As a condition in becoming a registered PTS panel member, I agree to the following:
  • I will sign up and take surveys or participate in product evaluations under one email address only. 
  • The information I have provided on this registration form is accurate and honest.
  • I will never provide false information on a survey.  I will read all questions and answer honestly.
  • I will never disclose to others, or use for any purpose other than for the performance of the studies, information gleaned from PTS projects.
  • I understand that my comments and opinions will be used for market research and education purposes only.